Making You Happy
If You Have Problem I Have Solution

My services are absolutely free for all the people of this earth , irrespective of their, cast, religion and status.

I believe in team work and work through a team of honest and dedicated people who all are comitted to make people happy
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Initiative is doing innovative things without being told.
Without initiative leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.
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Social Marketing

In our democratic welfare state, Governments are the biggest institutions that work for the welfare of the public. Their prime objective is to build a strong and happy nation. To achieve this, they market many social products in the form of schemes, policies, projects, campaigns, programs etc. 

But because of mass unawareness about governments’ beneficiary products, millions of deserving people remain deprived of their benefits.

Education, Employment, Medical, Health and Hygiene, Agriculture, Social Welfare etc.  are the sectors that have no dearth of schemes. All deserving people can take advantage of them and make their lives better. They can set their lives towards progress. But the fact is that, it is not happening in reality as expected.

Heera Lal is self-motivated government official who is continuously bridging the gap between governments and beneficiaries.  Using his own ideas, he has built a large social network for promoting governments’ social products and working on grass root level for them.

In cyberspace, he has created a large virtual working ground for marketing all types of social products that have potential to make people happy.

His social marketing skills have yielded good results for many.  Above all, his efforts and helps are not limited to any section, sector or particular part of the society. 

In addition to his regular official responsibilities, he beautifully carries out his social responsibilities too by working Free of Cost for all, who want to take advantage of his knowledge, wisdom and skills to become happy in life.