Making You Happy
If You Have Problem I Have Solution

My services are absolutely free for all the people of this earth , irrespective of their, cast, religion and status.

I believe in team work and work through a team of honest and dedicated people who all are comitted to make people happy
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Initiative is doing innovative things without being told.
Without initiative leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.
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It is rightly said that “Knowing the Problem Fully is Half the Solution Found”.  We believe in this philosophy and apply “Investigate, Analyze and Resolve” strategy for solving problems.
Our strategic steps are as under:

1. Seeking Pure & First Hand Information.

We directly interact with the parties and listen to their problems. We try to collect, as much information as possible for reaching to the root cause of the problem.

2. Preparing Bulleted List of Happening in Chronicle Order.

We create flowchart of the events to bring clarity in our understanding of the issue. It helps us in analyzing the situation properly and evolving a customized solution for the problem.

3. Personal Interview of Parties & Disputants.

We interact with each individual person involved in the case and interview them to bring out the other hidden aspects of the case. This helps us in reaching more near to the truth of the case.

4. Calculation & Evaluation of Situations.

After investigation, we analyze the case. While analyzing we give due importance to each event and every finding.

5. Seeking More Information If needed > Supplementary Information

Our investigation and finding phase is iterative. We keep on digging the information till the truth is revealed.

6. Personal Interview, If Required

We do not hesitate in interviewing people many a times to find the truth of the issue and to do the justice to the parties involved.

7. Development of Possible Solutions of the Dispute/Problems.

Based on many factors like rules, applicability, feasibility, laws and norms of the society, we try to frame more than one possible solutions of the same problem. This saves us from being harsh towards  others and makes our solutions more acceptable.

8. Preparation of Merit Based Order of Possible Solutions.

In case of multiple solutions, we list the solutions in merit order, based on various parameters.

9. Involvement of NGOs & CSOs

We have a consortium of NGOs and CSOs at Districts , Tehsils  and  Blocks.  If required, we involve   them in implementing our solutions  and ensuring that the task is done effectively and happiness is sought.