Making You Happy
If You Have Problem I Have Solution

My services are absolutely free for all the people of this earth , irrespective of their, cast, religion and status.

I believe in team work and work through a team of honest and dedicated people who all are comitted to make people happy
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Initiative is doing innovative things without being told.
Without initiative leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.
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Aim and Mission


Our goal is to propagate happiness and make this earth a better place to live.
Our mission is to create happiness in people’s lives by removing their grief, sorrows, conflicts, disputes, worries and fears.
We aim at bringing harmony in the society by identifying main causes of worries in people’s lives and addressing all related issues to solve their problems. We wish to make the lives stress free so that people can live happily.
We believe that:
Happiness is in giving not in taking.
Happiness lies in togetherness not in separation.
Happiness comes from unselfish tasks done for others.
Happiness cannot be found in objects, it can only be felt in calm mind.
We re-establish happiness into people’s lives by:
  • Connecting separated parties or groups and individuals.
  • Bring together separated parties or groups and individuals.
  • Reducing tensions among/between the disputants or warring factions.
  • Establishing broken communication among the warring parties.
  • Developing conducive atmosphere for problem solving and reducing communication gap.
  • Reducing gap between and among disputants/warring groups.
  • Converting situation from worst to bad then bad to normal and finally amicable among warring parties or groups and individuals.
  • Putting stop to growing tensions, quarrels, disputes and fights.
  • Bringing family members in right direction who are misdirected or misguided or not following the directions of the elders and established society norms.