Making You Happy
If You Have Problem I Have Solution

My services are absolutely free for all the people of this earth , irrespective of their, cast, religion and status.

I believe in team work and work through a team of honest and dedicated people who all are comitted to make people happy
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Initiative is doing innovative things without being told.
Without initiative leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.
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Success and progress of individual are the prime factors for bringing happiness into his or her life. Once happiness is obtained, it has to affect the masses to make the society a better place to live.  It is the responsibility of every person to make others happy and to contribute in building a strong nation.

In today’s complex and complicated world, majority of people are unsuccessful in their mission and unsatisfied. They have gathered heaps of sorrows and grief into their lives. They have no happiness and smiles to share with others.
Happiness is everyone’s right and their strong desire too. But the reality is that most of the people are deprived of their right.
Heera Lal, a happy man, has analyzed the root causes of these differences. He has come out with workable solutions for fulfilling the gaps between desire and actual.

As his unselfish contribution towards society, he shares his happiness with others and extends help to people to bring happiness into their lives. He counsels them FREE of cost for their progress and success.

He listens to peoples’ problems and designs a suitable solution for implementation. He makes people aware of government’s policies, schemes and programs and works as connect between benefiter and beneficiary.

Heera Lal’s experience in Good Governance is his main strength. His deep knowledge of government’s beneficiary schemes, strong grip over social media and keen desire to help people are his basic tools, using which he operates.

He has been continuously working in this field for last twenty two years. He has put smiles on thousands of faces who were unhappy and worried because of difficult situations in their lives. 

Consulting Personal Matters

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